el maestro responde

To be recognized by the music community in different genres, as the best place in research and bibliographic references on the teaching percussion in Latin Music, Latin Jazz and Colombian Folklore, among others; thereby committing with the cultural and artistic construction, which seeks to show the greatness of our music.



To develop, distribute and sell written and audiovisual educational materials to promote academic, research and reflection spaces for musical learning and the growth in the different genres of our Latin Music, The Latin jazz and Colombian folklore, among others, contributing to the cultural and artistic construction, present in education to a national and international level.

Para Percutiendo la investigación y la docencia, se establecen como los pilares del desarrollo académico, los cuales se articulan en pro del alcance de objetivos musicales y artísticos.

For Percutiendo the research and teaching, are set as the pillars of academic development, which are articulated towards the scope of musical and artistic goals.