el maestro responde

Educational Workshops and Master Classes:

These are classes taught by a university professor on a topic which has been researched and published in full knowledge and exhibited or presented in a conference. These are held in a university classroom, house of culture or any other institution or academic setting.

The development of the master class offers the attendees lessons, exercises and updated techniques, among others. It also offers interpretative performances by the professors and the research team, additionally, the use of audiovisual and written materials.




Cultural gatherings:

We offer musical-cultural gatherings in informal settings for people interested in a particular topic, a particular branch of Latin music, universal, Colombian folk and world music, among others. The meeting encourages the participants to interact, discuss, learn, share ideas, opinions, strengthen relationships with those in his/her same trade, and enriches the culture through the group of attendees, usually in the intellectual environment.



Usually these meetings are held in locations where the gathering can be enjoyed with a coffee.

Hotel venues, cultural centers and private companies, among others.



Artistic Exchange:

We rely on strategic alliances with educational and cultural institutions of creation, research, projection and management in our country at a local, national and international level.